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Rudi Loderbauer

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Sundays 19:00 – Rudi Loderbauer on Sunday evening.

Rudi has been working for several radio and TV stations for over 20 years. Both as a reporter, head of the service and program planner as well as a presenter and station manager. Once the enthusiasm for radio has gripped him, he will not let go. It all started in the late 1980s with listening to shortwave and contacts to stations around the world: from Radio Argentina al Exterior to Radio Nepal or NBC from Papua New Guinea, everything was there. At some point, hearing alone was no longer enough. This was followed by stations as radio editor and presenter at Radio Trausnitz, Bayerischer Rundfunk, BLR, Radio Oberland and others. Rudi has been on Hola FM every week for almost 2 years. Rudi has colourful and curious news from all over the world, one or two musical birthday children as well as a look at the daily history – and of course a lot of good music to relax and “enjoy the holiday”.
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