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Written by on 5. May 2019

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Monday evening MaxiSound at Hola FM

On 06.05.2019 the natural event Eta-Aquariiden-Maximum 2019 will take place. On this day, Halley’s comet is closest to Earth in orbit and there can be between 10 and 15 shooting stars per hour. With a clear sky you can observe this particularly well on the Canary Islands.
For this MaxiSound I got a lot of music wishes from you and that’s great! So our motto “Music FOR YOU and FROM YOU” is really going strong 😉
Included are the celebrity birthdays, the lyrics, your music wishes, information and the eleventh and last track from Niamh Lynn’s album of the month (if you want to support Niamh Lynn, get the album at

If you want to listen to the show every week, just put a reminder for 20:00 Canary time (8 PM in England/Ireland, GMT) on your mobile phone, ready 😉
Musically this time are among other things present:
Roger Hodgson, E.A.V, Pink Floyd, Kool & The Gang, Niamh Lynn, The Four Seasons, Ashford & Simpson, Andrea Berg, George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Ann Lee, Olivia Newton John, Chayanne and many more…

The best mix of four decades of music history in XXL format!
Have a nice Monday evening with us! 🎶🔊

A production by MMCT-Entertainment for Hola FM
Hola FM – Music FOR YOU and FROM YOU!


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