Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at Hola FM Monday, 21.01.2019 is “Martin Luther King Day”. On this day the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be honoured for his selfless efforts against racial segregation and racism. Martin Luther King Day is often taken as an opportunity to promote equal rights for all. The aim is […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Monday, 14.01.2019 is “clear your desk” day. A good opportunity to clean up the paper chaos, technical equipment, full ashtrays and coffee cups and create order 😊 In addition, there is explosive research that (if things go on like this) men will be infertile in 2050! Why? The whole […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM The holidays are over and that’s why we have the classic Maxi-Sound again. This time it’s the “day of the old stones 2019”. Those of you who are travelling in Southern Germany can visit the Nördlinger Ries. In this crater, created by a meteorite impact, you can find numerous […]

The 35th Canary Islands Music Festival organizes five concerts in Fuerteventura. Symphony concerts continue on the island with the participation of the Hamburg Philharmonic. The programme is rounded off by the London Conchord Ensemble, the Quiroga Quartet, the Baroque Orchestra of Tenerife and the Chamber Philharmonic of Minsk. Tickets are now available at The […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM This time the maxi sound falls exactly on New Year’s Eve and therefore there is not only a special New Year’s Eve maxi sound with pure party music, but there is the whole evening New Year’s Eve party at HolaFM. We accompany you the whole New Year’s Eve until […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM This time the Maxi-Sound falls exactly on Christmas Eve 🎁🎄 I asked you on our website (listeners page), what kind of music do you want for Christmas Eve? It was very close and most of you want the “classic maxi sound with international Christmas songs”. And that’s exactly how […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM There are regions on Fuerteventura where you can neither receive your mobile phone nor listen to HolaFM via FM. But at the end of this long valley you will find an almost untouched nature, rugged rocks and… “natural bathtubs”. But beware: some of them have already crashed and paid […]

You have voted – We deliver! Until 08.12.2018 you could vote here on our listeners page if you would like to hear a non-stop hit mix by Helene Fischer. The result was very, very clear (see listener page) and the Helene fans didn’t let us take it from here 😊 Of course we are happy […]

The Schlagercafe – Live with YOU On 16.12.2018, from 11:30 a.m. Canary time the Schlagercafe of Hola FM in Tarajalejo opens its doors again for you. Ingo (Djingo Django) invites you to be a part of it. Experience the charisma of the Schlagercafe live in our studio 2, enjoy the three K’s: “coffee and cake…and […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM The rainbow is real and was shot in Antigua. It covers itself like a colourful roof over the Human Rights Day, which will be celebrated on 10.12.2018. Sad theme that since its foundation in 1948 it is still as topical today as ever. The General Assembly of the United […]

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