Author: Frank Schracke

Special contribution to the European elections and the elections in the Canary Islands The European elections will take place on Sunday, 26.05.2019. In addition, four other elections will be held on the Canary Islands. Therefore there are 5 ballot boxes in each polling station for the following elections: 1) Local elections = Ayuntamiento 2) Island […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at Hola FM 20.05.2019 is “Crop-Strawberry Day“. Strawberries deliver only 32 kcal / 100g little energy, but are real vitamin C bombs. In addition, hardly any other fruit contains as much folic acid as strawberries. In addition, they provide vitamin B2, vitamin K and contain ferulic and ellagic acid (secondary plant […]

Monday evening MaxiSound at Hola FM On 13.05.2019 the day of the apple pie is celebrated in the USA. But also in Europe the apple pie is one of the most popular cakes. It is prepared in countless variations and can be baked as a baking sheet with yeast dough or sponge dough or in […]

Monday evening MaxiSound at Hola FM On 06.05.2019 the natural event Eta-Aquariiden-Maximum 2019 will take place. On this day, Halley’s comet is closest to Earth in orbit and there can be between 10 and 15 shooting stars per hour. With a clear sky you can observe this particularly well on the Canary Islands. For this […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at Hola FM On 29.04.2019 is World Dance Day. Dance takes place all over the world and the World Dance Day was proclaimed in 1982 by the International Committee of Dance to honor dance as a universal language in the world. So if the language doesn’t work out, just listen to […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at Hola FM The Easter Monday, 22.04.2019, is not a “silent holiday” and therefore we say goodbye to the Easter holidays with cheerful music. Hits, specials and stories in XXL format every Monday in MaxiSound at HolaFM, including the celebrity birthdays, the lyrics, your music wishes, information and the ninth track […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at HolaFM On Monday, April 15, 2019, the Titanic will be commemorated on its maiden voyage in 2019. On April 14, 1912, at 23:40, the Titanic, the world’s largest passenger ship to date, collided with an iceberg and sank about three hours after the collision in the North Atlantic. Although more […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at HolaFM This Monday there is an extraordinary MaxiSound, because several women of a painting group, the studio of Claudia Moritz-Marten from Bergheim (near Cologne – more information at have joined forces and submitted many wishes. There is definitely a colorful music program, we are talking about the topic “painting” […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at Hola FM Last week there were some heavy rainfalls on Fuerteventura. For the one who didn’t park his car in one of the “Barrancas” 😉 At Hola FM we forget the rain and send the sun into your mind and soul… For the MaxiSound on Monday (01.04.2019) I have again […]

Monday evening – MaxiSound at HolaFM Music, specials and stories in XXL format every Monday in MaxiSound at HolaFM. On 25.03.2019 is the day of the Waffel. This day is only celebrated in Sweden, but we don’t see it so strict and if you haven’t eaten a delicious waffle with hot cherries and cream for […]

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