Author: Frank Schracke

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM The current temperatures in Germany are still almost summery even in the second half of October. But let’s not kid ourselves, autumn is just around the corner! But the good thing about it is that the tree landscapes are transformed into a colourful splendour and now many healthy delicacies […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Hurricane Leslie has passed by the Canary Islands, but it affects Portugal and Spain. It is interesting to note that the hurricanes usually originate in the Atlantic Ocean and then head west towards the USA. This time it was exactly the other way round: they originated in the Caribbean […]

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Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM The shooting of the film “Wonder Woman” in the dunes off Corralejo is finished and since Saturday, 07.10.2018, the coastal road between the Park Hollandes and Corralejo is open again. Unfortunately this opening is not yet final, but it is planned to close this road finally in February 2019. […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound-Spezial the second on 05.11.2018 After the response to the first Maxi-Sound-Spezial was so positive, there will be a repeat on 05.11.2018: Maxi-Sound-Spezial – The second at HolaFM (20:00 o’clock Canary time GMT, 21:00 o’clock in Germany MEZ): In this special edition of Maxi-Sound there are two super mega-mixes of the 80s. […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Today is not only Maxi-Sound time again at HolaFM, but today is also the day of coffee (International Coffee Day). The “Day of Coffee” has been organised by the German Coffee Association since 2006 and until 2015 was always held on the first Saturday in September. Since 2016, this […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Some of you will have noticed that the African market has suddenly disappeared from its traditional place. Yet it still exists. You can now find it on the multi-purpose square behind the Policia Local (about where the red arrow is on the picture above). But there are not only […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Last week I had the pleasure to meet Guido Kunze, an extreme sportsman who brought 50kg of cocoa beans by bike from Ecuador to Germany. A totally crazy story and a real adventure! The interview can be found on the HolaFM website under HolaFM-TV or here on Facebook. But […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM Costa Calma changes a little every year, whether positive or negative is always relative. It is crucial that the people of Costa Calma get involved and have their say! All residents should therefore go to the municipal hall / building of the municipality (next to the Policia Local) on […]

Monday evening – Maxi-Sound at HolaFM The black sand in Tarajalejo warms up in the sun and warms up very pleasantly from below, especially on cooler days. On really hot days, however, you sit better on the bench if you don’t want to fry eggs or grill sausages 😂 Musically this time: Saragossa Band, Marianne […]

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