Author: Frank Schracke

Monday evening – Maxi sound at HolaFM The “Cochinilla” lice provide the natural red dye, which is mainly used in the cosmetics industry. They are bred in the Canary Islands and the dye is exported all over the world. You, the listeners of Hola FM, deliver the main content of the maxi sound this time! […]

Monday evening – Maxi sound at Hola FM 95.1 – 20:00 Canary Island time (= England GMT) This “breast” on Fuerteventura is also called ” the breast of Sophia Loren ” by the guides…and I wonder: where have they seen Sophia Loren’s breasts? 😄 This time with maxi sound: America, U2, Meat Loaf, Pur, Gipsy […]

Monday evening – Maxi sound with Hola FM 95.1. With the stone beach guard (picture) some people have made much effort Today: Guiseppe Alicata, Paul Hardcastle, ELO, Simon and Garfunkel, Phil Collins, Queen, Robin Schulz, Laura Pausini… and many more… There are the lyrics (I translate the lyrics of an international song into German), some […]

Impressions of the day from the Surf and Kite World Cup 2018 at Playa Sotavento on Fuerteventura (26.07.2018)

Interview with Max Lesniiewski 33. Worldcup Fuerteventura (in english)

New record at the surfing and kitesurfing championships 2018 on Fuerteventura:

Maxi-Sound-Special on 16.07.2018 On 16.07.2018 there is a Maxi-Sound-Spezial at HolaFM (20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET): In this special edition of Maxi-Sound there are two mega-mixes of the 70s and 80s. In between of course the lyrics, the VIPs can celebrate their birthdays themselves this time…and otherwise only: JUST MUSIC! If you want to record, prepare […]

Maxi-Sound on 02.07.2018 (20:00 Uhr GMT, 21:00 Uhr MEZ): Spain and Germany are reunited at the World Cup – both are out! 🙂 Therefore we can all enjoy the Maxi-Sound now completely relaxed and also this time there is again a multicolored mixed music program in the XXL format, the Maxi-Sound Lyrics (this time even […]

Maxi-Sound on 25.06.2018 (20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET): The football thriller with the German team continues – and the maxi sound also 😉 Tonight I have music wishes from you, there are the Maxi-Sound Lyrics, information around the Canary Islands, we look at the celebrity birthdays…and more. A colourful music programme in XXL format from 40 […]

Finally arrived – The Hola FM Fan T-Shirts It took a little longer, but now they’re finally here: The Hola FM Fan T-Shirts! In addition to the sizes M and XXL mentioned in the fan shop, one T-Shirt (one single!) with size S in version 2 is available too. What’s gone is gone – so […]

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