Month: June 2018

Pájara, 27 June 2018 From 3 July, the cultural centres of the municipality of Pájara will host a programme of activities for children, including workshops, handicrafts and other initiatives. Under the name of’Cultural Summer’, attendees will learn by playing and creating during the school holiday period. Those interested can consult all the information and register […]

Maxi-Sound on 25.06.2018 (20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET): The football thriller with the German team continues – and the maxi sound also 😉 Tonight I have music wishes from you, there are the Maxi-Sound Lyrics, information around the Canary Islands, we look at the celebrity birthdays…and more. A colourful music programme in XXL format from 40 […]

Finally arrived – The Hola FM Fan T-Shirts It took a little longer, but now they’re finally here: The Hola FM Fan T-Shirts! In addition to the sizes M and XXL mentioned in the fan shop, one T-Shirt (one single!) with size S in version 2 is available too. What’s gone is gone – so […]

ORDINARY MEETING The Cultural Sports Association El Baifo Libre (DCEBL) invites the inhabitants of Costa Calma to a meeting on Friday, June 29th at 6:30 pm in the building of the Pájara Municipality – in Costa Calma. AGENDA Reading and approval of the previous Minutes. Member registrations and fees. Current status of applications to the […]

Maxi sound on 11.06.2018 (20:00 Canary Time, 21:00 CET): Summer, sun, beach…and Hola FM 95.1 ! Also on 11.06.2018 you can expect a colourful music program from the musical wonder bag in XXL format, information about the Canary Islands, the Maxi-Sound-Lyrics, we look at the celebrity birthdays, there are two non celebrity birthdays…and more. Musically […]

In dieser Radioreise nimmt Sie Alexander Tauscher mit auf eine Weser-Reise. Freuen Sie sich auf Geschichten von kleinen und großen Schiffen in Bremen. Starten wir mit einem der Symbole in Bremen, der legendären Alexander von Humboldt. Dieses große Segelschiff im Jahr 1906 als Feuerschiff gebaut. Es war ein Schiff mit einem Leuchtfeuer. 80 Jahre später hatte […]

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